AKA Mushy-Mush
AKA Fraidy-cat

Type: Shorthair

Sex: Male

Size: Big, but not Juicy

Color: Black

Eyes: Green

Approximate Birth Date: October 2015

Adoption Date: August 14, 2018


Cole’s story breaks my heart. He definitely suffered trauma at the hands of human(s), although nothing is documented. This assumption is mostly based on how he acts today.

I believe he was originally in a cat colony and was a TNR (Trap, Nueter, Release). His left ear is clipped. In October of 2017, he was brought into a shelter in Westchester. At that time was not Feline Leukemia  positive (FeLV+). He was treated for fleas and given vaccinations. Some time after that he was adopted. I do to know when exactly, but he was surrendered at another shelter in Westchester on June 15, 2018. The reason given was that their other pet did not get along with Cole. By that time, he tested positive for Feline Leukemia. I was told that he was going to be euthanized because of his status, but was brought to the Humane Society of Walden. 

I do remember seeing him at the shelter at the end of June when we adopted Cozy. He was terrified and hid from us.

I did not see him until August. When we were in the room, he hid. But when I stepped outside to talk to one of the staff, he came right out and started to snuggle with the kids. His fear of people does not apply to children.

Our loss of Sinatra and Cozy was so recent. I had not planned on adopting anther cat so soon after, but after seeing both Ruby and Cole’s interaction with the kids and hearing their stories, I quickly called Shane to see if I could bring them both home.

After some going back and forth of me asking if I could bring two cats home, and him replying one cat… He relented and I adopted both Cole and Ruby that day.

Even now, Cole is very skittish. He hid from us for the first few weeks. He would come out to eat and to interact with the kids, but he would run and hide if an adult approached him.

Slowly, he started to trust me and Shane. His trust has grown over the last four months. He will still run from us at times, but for the most part he comes up to snuggle and to be brushed (he loves to be brushed). He’ll even roll onto his back and want us to pet his belly. He is a cat who desperately wants to be loved, but at the same time having to overcome his fear.  

His original name was Patches, which makes no sense. He has one small patch of white on his neck and that’s it. No one liked the name. We tried so many different names until Cole was suggested. We liked it, it stuck – and that’s that!

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