Keyser Cöze

AKA Cozy

Type: possibly Russian Blue

Sex: Femal

Size: Small

Color: Grey

Eyes: Green

Approximate Birth Date: March 2013

Adoption Date: June 24, 2018


We don’t have any information about Cozy’s life before us. Though we only had her for a short time, she left a big impact. 

We did not have any plans to adopt a third cat, but during one of our volunteer days, we met little Cozy. She was so thin and just curled right up into our laps. She even fell asleep in my arms.

Both kids kept talking about her to my husband and my daughter even talked him into visiting the shelter with us. That was when the non-cat person fell in love with a cat. She curled right in his lap and he was smitten instantly.

We took her home that day.

I have never seen Shane spoil and let a cat get away with as much as he did with Cozy. I caught him not only letting her on the dinning room table, but he was feeding her from his meal. He also would bring her into the bedroom to sleep and I would catch him talking to her when he thought no one was looking.

She was only with us for 5 weeks, but the effect she had on us will last a lifetime.


The Shelter had her name as Cozy and we decided not to change it, but I kept saying Keyser Cozy really fast and it sounded like I was saying Keyser Cöze (Keyser Söze was a character in the movie Usual Suspects) So I decided that her official name was Keyser Cöze, but we called her Cozy for short.

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