Drax the Meower

AKA: The Annoying Orange
AKA: Drax-imus Maximus Decimus Daley
AKA: Door Darter
AKA: Killer of Chipmunks

Type: Orange Tabby

Sex: Male

Size: Big, but not juicy

Color: Orange

Eyes: Amber

Approximate Birth Date: March 2014

Adoption Date: May 21, 2017

Drax was a colony cat and originally supposed to be a TNR (Trap, Nueter, Release), but when his Feline Leukemia (FeLV) test came back positive, he was brought to the Humane Society for Walden and put up for adoption.

In the FeLV+ room, Drax was very pushy with visitors and even jumped on people’s shoulders. When we visited the cats to brush and spend time with them, Drax definitely left an impression. When the decision came to adopt Sinatra, I wanted to adopt a friend who would be playful with the kids. 

Drax was a great choice!  He’s a trip! He’s very playful, affectionate and snuggly – on his terms of course.

Because he was an outdoor colony cat, Drax always wants to go outside. At first, he was a ‘door darter’. While that has lessened over time, he still escapes from time to time. So far, all his outdoor escapades have been short and we have been able to catch him quickly. His collar has a special color with his FeLV status and has our information on it. He’s also been chipped. Better to be safe than to lose our guy!

Drax had a special bond with Sinatra. This is interesting because when they were at the shelter together, they really didn’t care for each other. Drax is a groomer and would always be found washing Sinatra. You could also find the two sleeping together. Their late night wrestling/washing matches were fun to watch.

It was hard on Drax when Sinatra crossed the Rainbow Bridge. In the days following, he constantly searched for his buddy and became depressed. While Ruby and Cole can not replace Sinatra, Drax accepted them into his home. They’ve become his new washing partners.

Drax’s name at the Shelter was ‘Mr. Mercury’, which we all disliked. I believe it was my son who suggested Drax (we are all Marvel movie fans). His official name is Drax the Meower, but we all call him Drax, except for Shane who calls him the Annoying Orange.

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